Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Person at Work: Falmouth Harbour Commissioners

A few weeks ago I spent a day with the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners on The Arrow, a pilot boat. The purpose of pilot boat is to travel  in to the bay or Fal river and transport the captains of cargo ships and other such vessels back to shore. 

Nigel is the Coxswain of The Arrow, I was under his command for the day. I was given quite strict instructions to follow his orders if necessary - this proved to be somewhat of a hindrance as, whilst I was photographing on-deck, I was not permitted to move out of a small, cordoned-off section of the boat's bow, restricting my movements considerably. Another set-back was the fact that there was not as much 'action' as I had originally anticipated - sure, being at sea was brilliant, but I only had about thirty-seconds shooting time when the boat reached the cargo ships, whilst the captain climbed down a ladder on to The Arrow. After that the action was over, and the rest of the time was spent sat-down, travelling back to shore. I did not, however, let this ruin my day, and I worked with what I had; the hulk of the cargo ship's side created an impressive foreground feature, whilst the choppy sea and moody skies gave an atmospheric backdrop. This, then, allowed me to capture some really affective observed portraits.

Overall I am happy with the results and do not feel the need to re-shoot. Next week I am spending the day with Police Community Support Officer Fiona Gamble.  


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