Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Rambling: Alamy Stock Photos

Stock photo agency giant Alamy has provided the students of the Press & Editorial Photography course and incredible offer: 100% royalties for two years if we register with them through the university. It is an offer that, being miserably poor students, we could not refuse. This, then, spurred me on to head out in to Falmouth and the surrounding area to snap some stock photo-worthy images, and hopefully give me some inspiration in regards to my 'isolation' and 'industrial coastline' briefs - above are the results, taken on a Canon 450D.

The trek - which took me all the way across the Fal River by ferry to Flushing, across the fields and over the headland to Mylor - did in fact give me inspiration for the 'isolation' shoot. When I reached Mylor, a small fishing town of a handful of residences, I came across St. Mylor's Church. The quaint church has a grave yard and a cemetery a few metres up the road. My plan is to spend the day in the cemetery, photographing the people that visit and what they do - laying flowers, cleaning head stones etc.

Stay tuned.


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