Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Establishing Image: 'Community' - Remembrance Sunday

On Sunday afternoon I shot a Remembrance Sunday parade in Bewdley, Worcestershire (not Falmouth, as I was visiting family and friends at the time). This was my response to the 'community' aspect of the brief.

I enjoyed this shoot, although I found it quite difficult to photograph decent, interesting angles without getting in the way of the marchers. However, after time, I stopped caring and pretty much got in everyone's way - standard photojournalist. With this in mind I tried to photograph something that had been done a thousand times in a more interesting fashion; albeit standing in the middle of the road, or moving around and hitting the shutter during the minute's silence. I also found myself every once in a while being drawn away from the brief, and starting to photograph people that I deemed 'interesting' in the crowd - followed by a swift reminder to myself not to get side-tracked.

Anyway, above are some scanned-in negs. I am happy with the results and do not feel the need to re-shoot. 'Community', check.


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