Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Establishing Image

Last week we were given our second of four assignments which make up the first semester: The Establishing Image. The establishing image is vital to the construction of a photo story - it's the first image that magazines and newspapers will use to introduce the reader to the feature article. It may be a wide, it may be an observed portrait; it may include several people, or none at all! It's singular purpose is to illustrate the pages which will precede it - therefore it must contain relevant information and meet the brief! 

For this assignment we have been instructed to produce three establishing images to complement the three briefs below:

1. The Industrial Coast
2. Isolation
3. Community

The interim deadline for this assignment is 24th November, when we will again be receiving a new brief - not  a large amount of time. Like before, we are only permitted to use 35mm black and white film and ambient light only. 


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