Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Person at Work: Interim Deadline

PCSO Fiona gamble

Nigel - Falmouth Harbour Commissioners

John Edwards - Penryn Boat Yard

The interim deadline is a transition between the current assignment and the next, however, we are still allowed to continue the Person at Work assignment if necessary. We were to provide nine working prints - three form each work place we photographed - and spend all day with everyone from the course assessing them one by one, and eventually whittling-down nine prints to just three - one from each work place - which would then become our chosen final prints for the January deadline.

It was quite a lengthy, but ultimately necessary, process. It was also interesting to see what everyone else had accomplished. Above are the three prints of mine that were selected to become my final prints in January. I am inclined to agree with the decision. 


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