Friday, 21 October 2011

The Person At Work: John And Diana Edwards, Shoot II


A few days after reviewing my previous contact sheets and working prints, I decided to return to the boat yard in Penryn to re-shoot John and Diana Edwards. Above are a few of the working prints I have produced so far - taken on a Minolta 7000 AF - they are to be analysed properly by my tutor, Guy, on Monday's Crit session. Having said this, I am extremely pleased with the results of this shoot, even more so than the previous.

I have also done a separate shoot with the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, spending half a day on one of their Pilot Boats (see:, however I am not so confident about the results of that shoot as the conditions were not ideal for taking pictures and the action was not that exciting. I will scan the negs nonetheless.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day photographing a local Police Community Support Officer, so will have lots more material to come...


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