Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Beginnings

So this is my very first blog post of any kind, ever. I may have been a bit slow on the up-take to this trend, but whatever. Basically everyone on my course has been instructed to keep an online blog of his or her work during their three years here and beyond. So this is mine: Building Castles In The Air...


Seeing as this blog is based around my studies as an editorial photography student here in Falmouth, I thought I would start it that way. The very first assignment given to us was to go out and capture our first impressions of Falmouth. Naturally, I headed straight for the beach to photograph the huge beach culture that exists around here. But as I found myself wandering Gylly Beach, I couldn't help but pick up on that most British of attitudes: self-consciousness.

Bellow is the final image - taken on my Canon 450D - I submitted to this assignment: 'Changing'. An OAP beach-goer faces away whilst getting undressed. This, for me, highlights the awkwardness and uncertainty when exposing one's self in public compared with other nationalities. Perhaps this wasn't my very first impression of Falmouth, but intriguing nonetheless.


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