Thursday, 10 May 2012

¡Viva la Revolución!

By 'eck! Pig House Pictures - the collective formed by everyone here on the 1st year press & Editorial Photography course - has had an incredible amount of attention over the past week. Our efforts culminated in both a début exhibition and online publication. From there, the word of PHP has spread like there's no tomorrow, with industry giants like Duckrabbit and Panos Pictures tweeting and blogging congratulations and praise.

Our online magazine (seen below) clocked over 10,000 hits on the first day, with around 500 reads. Now, we have amassed an incredible 70,000+ hits with 1,000+ reads. I am bloody overwhelmed - especially with the amount of work I personally put in to the publication along with Joel Hewitt and Artur Tixliski.

Please, flick through our magazine; it is a pretty large publication, so don't feel the need to read it all in one hit. In fact, the more time you spend reading it, the better the experience will be. The richness of these stories are incredible, and our photographers have done a spectacular job at creating a narrative for every single one.

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