Sunday, 6 May 2012

#SS Share Sunday

Not much to report on the work-front this week I'm afraid. I'm still plugging away with my project in Newquay, more images from that to follow soon - I keep saying this, and one day it will eventually happen, promise. Unfortunately things have been crazy around here recently, what with exhibition-planning and magazine-writing going full steam ahead. Both this blog and my university work has taken somewhat of a back seat. So, for now, I thought I would share with you another blog... which is also sharing other blogs. Yes, here in Falmouth we are big fans of Matryoshka dolls and the film Inception.

This recent post comes fresh from the Pig House (if you don' know what Pig House Pictures is by now, then please look at a few of my previous posts). This little nugget of information was written by myself, no less. I think the first sign of madness is when you start talking to yourself on social networking sites...


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