Monday, 16 January 2012

Playing with the 7D

This weekend I visited some family in Gloucester - to be precise, it was my nan's 80th birthday. Now being considered the 'Family Photographer", I was asked by my aunt to take some shots of the party and the weekend in general. For this, I hired a Canon 7D and two speed lights from the photography stores here at the university. This was great fun, as I have never shot digital on anything above a 450D. Below are a few examples of what I took - mostly portraits and 'family snaps'. 

My brother Rob and his girlfriend, Grace Williams

My nan holding one of her gifts - a print by Suffolk print-maker Glynn Thomas

My Cousin (left) and a relative.

My cousin's dog, Murphy.

My uncle's dog, Sophy.

Rob and Grace.

Using the 7D and the flash lights was good experience, as a few of my forth-coming assignments will be required to be shot digitally.


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