Friday, 20 January 2012

Falmouth International Maritime Museum

For the past few months I have been liaising with the International Maritime Museum in Falmouth in regards to supplying them with photography - both corporate and internally. Today was the day when this plan was realised, and together we have come to an agreement: I will work for the museum as a photographer on a part-time, freelance basis voluntarily, supplying the museum with everything from staff portraits to promotional shots when I feel like it. In return I am free to supply and sell any of these images to the Falmouth Packet (the local newspaper) through the Cartel agency here at the university if they need them. I am very happy with this arrangement - it means the museum are able to bring me in whenever they (or whenever I am free) and in return I get experience and something good to put on my CV (and hopefully some money from the newspaper). 

Today - as a sort of 'starter' shoot - I went to the museum to get some shots of them hanging some new boats in the museum's main hall. Below are the results. I shot with my Canon 450D and two speed lights.

Jake hulme hanging a GBR racing boat from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Employees Elliot Holmen (left) Jake Hulme (Centre) and Mel Sharp pose above the museum's main hall.  

Jake rigs up the GBR boat as Elliot and Mel look on.

Jake expertly controls the cherry-picker as he navigates across the museum floor.


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