Saturday, 14 April 2012

Pig House Pictures

So, here it is. The culmination of a year's work for the first year Press & Editorial Photography course in the form of Pig House Pictures: a new collective made up of us, the first years! I have to say that I was losing faith in the course a little due to the fact that, after nearly twelve months of solid work, nothing productive - or should I say 'professional' - had come from it (i.e. all we had been doing was producing work to fit briefs and fill sketchbooks). So, instead of waiting to be miraculously picked-up by an agency some time in the very distant future, we decided to make our own photographic collective (yes, it really is that easy).

According to the Pig House blurb (tastefully written by myself): "Pig House Pictures is a new photographic collective based at University College Falmouth, Cornwall, specialising in contemporary photography. Conceived in 2012 by first year students of the Press & Editorial Photography course, the Pig House’ aims to move beyond the confines of traditional photojournalism. Drawing inspiration from a wider circle of influences, we plan to bring local, national and international journalism to the masses through accessible and contemporary photography."

And things are already beginning to take-off. We have organised an exhibition at The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society in Falmouth from the 8th - 14th of May (plug, plug), showcasing a year's work for us. We are also in the process of constructing an online magazine which will be featured on, a self-publishing website. It will look  a little something like this (excluding the front cover; that one's a surprise):

Designed by myself and my good friend Artur Tixiliski, the layout will follow this general style (although it is still in its 'beta' stages and will probably be changed a few more times until everyone is happy). When I say everyone, I mean my course-mates, because that is the whole idea of this scheme: to be democratic. We have numerous people from the first year working on this, and they have been allocated certain positions: designers, writers, P.R., advertising etc.

Once again, if you are in the Falmouth area over 8th - 14th May, check out our exhibition - 'I'. Next stop world domination I guess...


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