Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Another thought...

Following from the monologue that I posted last night during a man-flu-fuelled rant, I would  like to amend - or rather explain - a few of my points, specifically the ones regarding photographic brown-nosing. 

After sharing and discussing the post with a few of the guys on my course, the point was made by one that I appeared to be saying that I have a problem with being nice in general, and that I should be nice to a publisher or printer or curator just as I would be nice to a barman - because it will get me served first. A very valid point, and so I would like to say that I do not have a problem with being nice in general, although my outlook can be a little frosty at times, that is just the way I am. If a person is worth being nice to then of course I will nice to them. If I am completely honest my post last night was making a rather sweeping statement of a few things I saw that week in London - not all - but a few. Of course, it helps to be civil to anyone in business, that is pretty much what most good business is built upon. I would like to say, though, that if I want to make friends with someone - be it within the industry or not - I would want it to be on the basis of mutual respect rather then where they work. Furthermore, if the work that you are pitching to a publisher or editor, and if the pitch is done well, then it should speak for itself no matter your history with them.

Of course, I have zero experience in the industry at this moment in time and I will probably regret writing all of this. But for now, this is my opinion.


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