Monday, 6 February 2012

beans, bacon and bowling clubs

Work has started to back up recently, and I find shoots, if not entire days, coming and going before I get a chance to write drivel about them on here. During this time I have returned with a new, more easily searched blog title of 'Samuel Moore | photographer'. Catchy, huh? So anyway, one such day which has been and gone was Saturday 4th February, when I was given two jobs to do for The Packet, Falmouth's daily digest of local news and events. 

The first of these jobs was at Budock Water, a quaintest of quaint villages which sits just half a mile from the monstrosity that is Falmouth's Brickland Industrial Estate. I made my way over there on my bicycle at 10am, being soaked by one of Cornwall's annoyingly frequent horizontal rain storms in the process, an occurrence which happens to me far too often.  

The villagers of Budock hold an annual 'Big Breakfast' in aid of the village-owned playing field. The event, which sees all manner of locals grace Budock Water village hall, consists of a, well, big breakfast. Two rashers of bacon, baked beans, sausages, grilled tomato and toast were on sale for the modest price of £3.50. Of course, being the photographer assigned to the job, I was offered a free breakfast by a wonderful woman named Sally. After considering the immoralities of eating on the job for about three seconds, I resolutely sat down at the nearest table and ploughed my way through a plate of the good stuff in about the same amount of time (my prowess in eating was duly noted by an old woman standing to my left). What made this success even more satisfying was that when the photographer form the West Briton finally showed his face, no such offer was made to him. Student 1, professional 0. 

As well as the food, stalls run by local villagers adorned the village hall, selling goods ranging from second-hand knick-knacks and cakes/pastries, to a man selling vegetables and  a blind woman selling pencils (?). Again, all proceeds went to the up-keeping of the village-owned playing field. 

The second job of the day - in equally horizontally-inclined rain - was at 8pm at the Falmouth Bowling Club, where cheques were being presented by Chairman Ron Rhedlyn. Cheques for £480 were given to the 2nd Falmouth All Saints Cub-Scouts, the Memories Cafe and the Falmouth Festival Fund which was represented by the Mayor of Falmouth... You know you've made it as a photojournalist when you're photographing mayors. The money was raised by the Falmouth Harmony Choir, who took charitable donations whilst carol singing on Christmas Eve.


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